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Global Human Resource Solution

Human Resource, the invaluable Diamond for your business

Global Human Resource Solution is opened in 2004, has a good reputation for a systematic and hands-on approach to Human Resources Solutions

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Global Human Resource Solution Headhunters

Why Global Human Resource Solution?

Global Human Resource Solution is opened in 2004, has a good reputation for a systematic and hands-on approach to Human Resources Solutions such as: 

1. HR Capital consultancy 

2. Executive Search and Selection 

3. Outsourcing Service 

4. Permanent Staffing 

5. Payroll Processing 

6. Training Management / Specialities / Soft Skills 

7. Marketing Research 

Since our inception, we have steadily grown to become one of the leading HR service providers in Viet Nam. We have an established client base, which extends to over 85 companies within just one year time. We have established a reputation of working with organizations, which have shown continuous growth record due to their strong fundamentals. On requirement of the organizations, we may undertake the job of analyzing the ongoing system of the organization and make a report indicating the area where improvements can be done. 

Our primary focus is on providing HR Solutions to various business segments. The spirit of Global Human Resource Solutions has been largely defined and embodied by the dedicated and tireless pursuit of excellence by our team of HR - Consultants. Each consultant has the specialized skills required for our business and they have the ability to understand the bigger picture and visualize the path ahead. Besides, we are supported by the talented & strong team of Lecturers who are the Lecturers of the big Universities as: University of Social, Sciences and Humanities, University of Technology of HCMC, University of Law, Lotus University, Business Management Institute, University of Economic, HRDs or HRMs of big Groups / companies. 

The company is managed along professional lines with an emphasis on business planning/growth through goal directed actions driven by the most prudent forecasting, the right people, systems and quality, with a clear emphasis on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, which goes along with our motto of "Service Well – Clients Satisfied".

Training Services

Human Capital Consultancy

Our domain expertise has enabled us to provide Human Resource Consultancy Services to the patrons.

Permanent Staffing / ESS Service

Permanent staffing primarily caters to requirements for middle and junior level management positions in an organization through database

Payroll Services

Global Human Resource Solution’s payroll service provides you with the ability to manage every key aspect of payroll– from payroll processing

Staffing Solution

Global Human Resource Solution's ability to work across industry segments and address personnel needs, across management functions levels

Outsourcing Service

If you need to implement a global human resources strategy, common payroll policies, or a shared service center model, a consolidated platform

Life at Global Human Resource Solution

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